These 3 business owners reveal all.

New York is the City that “never sleeps.” Perhaps no other place in the world exerts more influence upon global commerce, media, art, fashion, finance and technology than New York City. Ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse, it’s often said (and sung) that if “you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere...”

So for an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a business in the “Big Apple” – exactly what does it take to succeed? You’ve read all the books, caught the reality shows, and you even have the business plan ready to roll. But what do you really need to know? What would a fellow entrepreneur tell you? A real New Yorker who has “been there” and “done that” – and understands the “New York state of mind,” so to speak.

Well, we were lucky enough to sit down with some tried and true New York City business owners to get the scoop.

Know Your Product

Meet Chris Caballero. Chris is the founder of, a successful New York City real estate website that specializes in residential sales and -- you guessed it -- luxury rentals. Unlike a lot of agents in the industry, Chris has experience both as a broker and as an owner of several properties. In his own words, “Just like if you're a chef at a good restaurant, if you don't eat your cooking then you don't know what you're serving up. The key to it is perseverance, determination and really knowing your product.”

According to Chris, a lot of his competitors try to be all things to all people – and end up confusing potential clients in the process. “The one thing we don't want to do is to confuse our clientele over what it exactly is that we do. It doesn't work that way. Just like in any profession you have to be a specialist. Specialists are the ones that actually get the deal done.”

Chris says, “we did a lot of homework on Google trends and what keywords people used when searching to find rental brokers. The term “rent in NYC” always came up on top.”” is a clear and compelling online brand identity. It not only tells clients and prospects exactly what Chris’ business does, it highlights the City where the business operates – and simultaneously serves as a call to action – inspiring people to, well, “rent in New York City!”

Push the Envelope

Meet Nicole Corbett and Carolyn Rush, co-heads at, a creative agency that’s on a mission to empower women to lead. Nicole and Carolyn have worked on everything from Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign to rebranding Shark Tank alumni companies like Piperwai or Surprise Ride.

Carolyn, Worn’s, Director of Strategy tells us, “It's our mission and passion to empower women. To see more women leading companies, to see more women disrupting male-dominated industries. With this mission, we’re able to work on what comes naturally to us. It’s work we love and it differentiates us from thousands of other agencies out there.”

Founder and CEO, Nicole Corbett agrees and adds that’s there no better place to bring a unique business idea than in NYC, “You're never going to be penalized for trying something different. It's very much about being an individual.” To succeed in New York City, it’s all about “pushing the envelope, seeing things differently and creating new ways to do things that have never been done before.”

When naming their business, the Worn team wanted a short and memorable web address, and they were especially keen on having an “NYC” tie-in. “We think the .nyc domain is fantastic because it gives us this stamp of authenticity – telling the world that we’re located in New York City -- the most impressive, creative and fast-paced city in our country.”

Leverage the Internet

Meet Don Daly. Don is the President of, one of the most sought-after real estate appraisal companies in New York City.

Don started his independent appraisal business in 2008. Yes, property appraisals at the height of the housing market crisis! According to Don, that was a defining moment in his career. “Starting a business is always risky, because it requires a certain amount of risk, capital, and sweat,” he says. “Taking a chance [to start your] own company is daring, so the fact that it was successful in the first year -- I'm very proud of that.”

With a well-known name in the industry, the decision for a web address was easy - . “I liked the fact that our exact company name was available -- and it was a shorter and catchier address then other options presented. It also reinforces that our expertise is the New York City market.”

While the Reis Group built its strong reputation in the offline world, Don realizes that to compete effectively in New York City he needs to stay a few steps ahead of the competition in the online world too. Using a variety of Internet marketing strategies and “pull” marketing techniques, today his company is focused on garnering a stream of online leads – and parlaying his satisfied customers into business growth.

Bottom Line

As a business owner, it goes without saying that your life is about to get busier than you’ve ever known. A lot of the time, you are wearing multiple hats from the marketing manager and finance head to the sales and staff manager. That being said, business decisions need to consider efficiency. When the customer journey starts online, you’d better make sure people can find you there. That’s why establishing a digital storefront that is easy for your customers and prospects to remember, find and share has never been more important. If you’re a resident of the City of New York, and you are considering launching a new business venture, be sure to visit – to learn more about .nyc – the official web address for the City of New York -- available exclusively for New Yorkers like you.

A short, memorable .nyc domain name speaks volumes about a business' or brand’s credibility – resulting in more people linking to and sharing your URL with friends, fans and family members. Take it from our friends at, and -- just three of the tens of thousands of New York City businesses who are building their futures online with a .nyc web address.



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