Domain Management

Requesting Your .nyc Web Address

.nyc web addresses may be registered for a period of 1 to 10 years by any individual, business or organization with a valid physical address within the 5 boroughs of New York City. The person or entity that registers a .nyc web address is called the “user” or “registrant.”


You can only register a .nyc domain through an accredited domain registrar or a reseller of an accredited partner. The .nyc Registry does not currently offer services to register .nyc domains directly to the public.



Request your new and unregistered .nyc web address for the first time



Keep your desired .nyc web address year after year



Transfer your .nyc to another preferred .nyc retailer



Find upcoming expiring or deleting .nyc web addresses


Here’s how to request your .nyc web address First, you contact your favorite domain name retailer (also known as domain registrars or resellers) to see if your desired .nyc domain name is available. If you do not have an existing preferred provider, you may view our list of accredited registrar partners to find one. When you type the name you want into the domain search box, you will see confirmation whether the name is available by checking the .nyc Registry’s WHOIS database.

If the domain name is available, the registrar or reseller of your choice can register it at your request and on your behalf and the domain name will be added to the authoritative .nyc Registry database. If the domain name you want is not available, you can continue to search for other options until you find the perfect domain name to suit your needs.

At the end of the registration period, you will have 3 options regarding your domain name: you can: 1) renew it, 2) transfer and renew it, or 3) let it expire. By understanding the lifecycle of a domain name it is possible to regain a domain name that may have accidentally expired, or register a domain name someone else may have intentionally let drop or was recently deleted.

.nyc Web Addresses:

  • May be registered for 1 to 10 years
  • Can be registered with as little as 2 and up to 63 characters (before the “dot”)
  • Will be validated in real-time during the registration process with an NYC physical address according to the .nyc Nexus Policy
  • May have a minimum of 2 nameservers and a maximum of 13 nameservers associated with a domain
  • Will be subject to the .nyc Registration Rules and Acceptable Use Policy


It is important to know that when you register a .nyc web address, you do not actually “own” the domain. Instead you have secured the right to register the domain name for a period of 1 to 10 years, and you will have the opportunity to renew the name prior to its expiration.

Domain names are subject to renewal to ensure that names no longer wanted are removed from the registry database and become available for others to register and use. .nyc domain names must be renewed upon their expiration with an accredited registrar or reseller.

Registrars typically have different renewal notice policies, but most will contact you with a reminder via email within 30-90 days of the expiration of a .nyc domain name. If you do not renew your .nyc domain name(s) with your chosen registrar or reseller prior to the expiration date, the domain name will cycle through two key phases:

  1. Suspension or Expiration Status for 1-45 days after the expiration date; and
  2. Redemption Grace Period (RGP) for 35 days after an expired domain has been deleted by the Registrar if the customer has not renewed their .nyc web address with their provider

Within each of these phases, your domain name is placed on a “PendingDelete-Restorable” status with the .nyc Registry and the domain name can still be renewed. Please contact your .nyc provider for additional pricing and policies around Suspension Status and Redemption Grace Period domain names.


If you decide you want to give away, sell or otherwise assign the rights of your .nyc domain name to a third party, you will need to transfer the domain name. The same is true if you are dissatisfied with the services of one registrar and wish to switch your account to another one.

A .nyc domain transfer can involve a transfer from one registrar or reseller to another one; or from one registrant (or legal entity) to another one.

You can only transfer your .nyc domain name through a registrar or reseller. The .nyc Registry cannot help you to transfer your domain names directly.

To perform a transfer to another registrar, you must have an Authorization Code (Auth-Code). Auth-Codes are passwords for domain names to add an extra security measure to help to ensure the identity of the person or entity making the transfer request. The .nyc Registry does not provide or confirm Auth-Codes for your registered .nyc domain names.

The following rules apply to transfers of .nyc domain names between registrars:

  • Transfers are not permitted within the first 60 days of registration
  • Transfers are not permitted within 60 days of a previous transfer
  • Successful transfers will result in a one-year domain name renewal registration.
  • The person or entity to whom you transfer your domain name must satisfy the .nyc nexus requirements.


Please check with your selected registrar or reseller for specific or additional transfer policies.

Expiration & Deletion

The .nyc Registry works with all of our retail partners to ensure that they remind customers to renew their .nyc domain names early. Even still, in many cases, domain registrants may intentionally let go of one or more of their registered .nyc domains names; or may forget to renew one or more of their names. This is where “dropping domain names” come in.

A dropping domain is a domain that has gone through the full Expiration process and has entered a cycle called “Pending Delete” or the “Redemption Grace Period.” Once a domain name enters Pending Delete, it will automatically be released (or “dropped”) from the system after thirty-five days and become available for re-registration.

Dropping domains have become very valuable and the competition for some of these domain names can be extremely fierce. In many cases customers use a Backorder service to help them search dropping domain lists. A backordering (or domain dropping) service is an automated system that attempts to register an expiring domain for you the instant it becomes available.

See the .nyc Expiration Lists here.

Stake your claim on your ideal .nyc web address today. If the domain is going to be dropped in the next 5 days, we now help you by offering backorder provider options to grab your .nyc right away.