Premium Names

Why .nyc Premium Names?

Stand out from the crowd. A better name acts as a better brand. Put your memorable .nyc Premium Name to work to drive traffic to your website.

Stay short and sweet. Difficult to spell, long domain names or web addresses with a lot of slashes are hard to remember.

Differentiate yourself from the competition. Advertising is more effective with short, brandable and meaningful web addresses.

In our age of social and mobile media, short, meaningful domain names are more valuable than ever. There’s great demand for highly searchable and brandable marketing terms and call-to-action phrases that attract and drive web traffic. There are many premium names that have turned into successful websites with increased site visits, including,, and

The .nyc Registry makes available certain high-value, highly visible domain names to provide businesses, organizations, and individuals with premium naming options to brand their online presence and stake their claim on the city’s digital community.

With a commitment to the principles of transparency and fairness, .nyc Premium Names are currently being released in two main distribution channels:

1.Premium .nyc Auctions & Aftermarket Providers

2. .nyc Premium Names through Retailers

.nyc Premium Auctions & Aftermarket Providers

While the vast majority of premium names are available for real-time purchase through retailers, a select few were reserved for public auction. This subset of domains, referred to as “Super Premiums,” are the most memorable, searchable, and sought-after in the .nyc namespace.

To start, auctions will come to market with approx. 20 similarly themed domains at a time, grouped by verticals and interest categories. Anyone who meets the nexus requirements is eligible to participate in .nyc Premium Auctions.

When Super Premium .nyc domain names are not included in a themed auction, they will be available through some of the most reputable Aftermarket providers in the industry. Your desired Super Premium .nyc web address can be easily searched and acquired, because these Aftermarket providers also provide their listings through .nyc retailers

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.nyc Premium Names through Retailers

Registering a .nyc Premium Name is exactly like registering a standard, or non-premium name. Based on industry best practices, a set of highly valuable, highly desirable domain names are priced according to industry and market standards in several pricing “tiers.” These premium tiers are available to the public through your favorite .nyc Retailer. This eliminates contracts, waiting periods and cumbersome transfer processes that can feel overwhelming. This also allows you to build your .nyc web address right away.

To find your ideal .nyc Premium Name at your preferred Retailer, please search at