Tech startups often feel the pressure to adopt the latest cutting edge marketing tools.They’re quick to pour millions into emerging technology such as IoT, AR/VR, SaaS, robotics, AI, big data, and more. These investments sound impressive but can cost millions. 

Believe it or not, one of the savviest moves you can make as a tech-driven company is as simple (and affordable) as picking the right domain. Your business website’s URL is more than just a bunch of characters. In fact, one might argue that it leaves a first and lasting impression more than your homepage, as it technically initiates the online experience for your customer. 

To get branding right from the start, treat those last few letters of your web address as an extension of branding by looking at alternative domains–like .co, .us, .biz, and .tel.--that might better speak to your company culture or messaging. In the crowded web, these domains might also help you be more memorable as a brand, and even stand out from the pack.   

If you’re a tech venture or organization based in New York City, the .nyc extension is a no-brainer. The short and simple domain name is available only to New Yorkers, yet its branding resonates on a global scale. With a LinkedIn report crowning NYC as the tech capital of the world in 2019, now is a great time to leverage the city in which your business is headquartered. 

You need not be a venture-backed tech company to use .nyc. There are many organizations and nonprofits that are committed to supporting communities and industries through the power of tech. 

For starters, Tech Action ( is a working group of advocates from the New York City Democratic Socialists of America investigating the political, social, and economic effects of new technology. Its .nyc domain reminds visitors that its team is on a mission to serve the city’s activism.

Even the world of academia is leaning into .nyc. Urban Archive ( provides educational resources for educators, academics, and anyone with a curious mind. While they promote interaction with historical collections and old documents, the organization is still modern. In recent years, it has launched mobile and digital features to engage young and diverse audiences with the historical context of the city. The .nyc speaks volumes about these tech-forward initiatives. 

The Tech Talent Pipeline ( is a guide for those seeking a career in tech. It is a one-stop shop for businesses and job-seekers. Most notably it helps locals find NYC tech training and academic programs. It, too, is dedicated to diversifying the city’s booming tech field.

Fashionnovation ( is more about sustainable fashion than trending styles. Although it has the .nyc address, it markets itself as a global platform that connects the fashion industry via entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology and diversity & inclusion. From informal wine talks with design leaders to worldwide innovation conferences, it addresses NYC as both the tech and fashion capital of the world. 

These groups have different missions and operate in different industries. But the .nyc domain–as well as their mission to serve New Yorkers through the power of tech–is the common thread that ties these powerful organizations together.