The idea of finding one’s dream home took on a whole new meaning in 2020. Not only were people seeking a house that suited their lifestyle, but a true sanctuary where they could feel safe, raise a family, and for many, work full time.


New York City real estate broker Christopher Stokes Moseley says helping customers with the hunt, especially during the pandemic, is always a rewarding experience. But he adds that helping buyers and sellers navigate New York City, the most competitive real estate market, is particularly rewarding. This is why having a .NYC website isn’t just a domain, but, in a way, an extension of his brand.


“I now have a unique way to promote my exclusive properties, which is a win-win for my clients and the successful outcomes for me, professionally,” says Moseley.


The spirit of New York City also plays a role in his career path. In the early 2000s, he worked in corporate marketing for luxury goods, then the tragic events of 9/11 sparked a desire for a new career, one that spoke to his true interests and passions.


“Suddenly, I had a ‘light bulb’ moment! I asked myself, ‘Why couldn’t I get into real estate?” He, after all, always enjoyed hearing stories about deals, and of course, beautiful Manhattan spaces for sale.


He made the leap and never looked back. “I am so happy I followed my instincts two decades ago and became a real estate broker. I can’t imagine doing anything else!” he says.


But a career change is never easy at first. “The reality is that I was solely responsible for drumming-up clients to sell property to. To get business, I quickly embraced networking to get new clients. I have found this to be a constant reality and challenge in my day-to-day endeavors. I have been diligent in honing my networking skills, which has resulted in many repeat clients, who have become the backbone of my success.”


To succeed long-term in real estate is similar to succeeding as any small business owner or entrepreneur. “You are self-employed; therefore, you are reliant on your maximum participation. Reputation is everything! Your workspace is not limited to your desk. In real estate, you’re always pounding the pavement and social settings open-up the best of business partnerships and opportunities.”


Fortunately, the business skills he honed while working in corporate marketing helped with the transition. But new challenges always arise, as proven by the Covid-19 crisis that took a devastating toll on the bustling city of Manhattan.


“During the past year, the Real Estate market has been at times stagnant, guided by so many unforeseen variables, which I have turned into a productive and positive learning curve.”

Moseley adds that every detail counts: how you communicate with clients, you present properties, and how you market yourself online. From running a social media account to running a website, having a digital presence is an integral part of the game.


“I believe the .NYC domain perfectly describes my focused real estate landscape. I do New York City! I want to be synonymous with the city that never sleeps. NYC is a 24/7 city and I am a 24/7 broker!” he says. He even has his .NYC domain printed on his business cards, website, and on all business related sites and publications. “When being interviewed, mentioning SellingRealEstate.NYC is my starting place!”


While it is unclear where the market is headed, Moseley remains confident that his passion for the industry will keep him in the real estate industry for the long haul. “I will spend 2021 mining opportunities to work with and forge positive relationships with my clients, focusing on new exclusives and new properties, all with past, current and new buyers and sellers.”


And of course, a love for the Big Apple will also continue to fuel his motivation. “For me, the real estate market in New York City, specifically Manhattan, is unlike any other housing market in the country. Manhattan evidences an unlimited potential for clients. I am inspired daily by property that meets and surpasses the personalized expectations of my buyers. Their satisfaction has been my greatest mark of success."