In a city that’s constantly on the go, taking a moment to stop and let someone look after you is rare. But these moments are the ones that Original Barbershop excel in.

The old-school barbershop was founded in the East Village by Greg Sysoyev back in 2015. The vision was to create a place where men could kick back, relax, and get their hair cut. Not at their mom’s friend’s salon, not by their girlfriend, but at a place designed like an old-school club.

Original Barbershop’s customers are treated to hot-towel shaves, gentlemen scissor cuts, and friendly banter. But while it’s got an old-fashioned vibe, Original Barbershop is a small business operating in 2023. A website was essential so people could understand Greg’s business, the services his team offers, and the ability to book online.  And when it was time to claim his business’s name, Greg chose a .nyc domain name.

Greg wants his brand to “represent quality, consistency, and efficiency.” Using a .nyc allows his web address to demonstrate just that. Using a .com would’ve affected his business in search results. Most people who are searching for a new barber in the city are going to add “nyc” to their search, so that Google returns relevant results.

Having the shop’s location right in the web address means that Original Barbershop is always going to rank highly, because Google favors local businesses when people are searching in a particular area—and there’s no better way to show that you’re local than having a .nyc website.

New York isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who make it our home, it’s everything. For Greg, going with a .nyc was about more than just snagging a website. “.nyc represents a location and an attitude,” he said. “It’s what our business is all about.” A .nyc extension shows pride in his shop’s location and the drive that’s necessary to be a small business owner in the world’s greatest city.

Because Original Barbershop isn’t just a barbershop, it’s a community. Greg prides himself on remembering his customers’ names and chatting about their lives. He and his barbers remember the cuts their clients love and do them right, every time. The barbershop even hosts a regular comedy night, giving space to local comedians to work through their new material.

New York has a reputation for being a big, scary place. But real New Yorkers know that it’s all about the spaces you inhabit and the communities you create. And Original Barbershop has created a modern place with old-school flavor—there’s no better way than a .nyc to showcase that.