New Yorkers are a proud bunch, which is why so many NYC-based businesses and brands are broadcasting that pride to the world by making .NYC their online home. We echo that pride, and want to share these .NYCers’ stories with our readers.

One of the coolest NYC-based businesses using the .NYC is Bike New York. Bike New York is New York City’s ultimate go-to resource for all things cycling. The website features educational materials, information about their classes, tips and tricks for both novice and experienced cyclists alike, event listings, a blog, and much more.

Bike New York’s story begins with the history of the Five Boro Bike Tour, which began in 1977. The goal was to lead a group of high school kids on a group-ride across the city. Ever since then, every year on the first Sunday in May, over 32,000 cyclists from all over the U.S.—and from all around the world—participate in Bike New York’s Five Boro Ride.

Bike New York’s values revolve around education, empowerment, sustainability and community—all through cycling. They strive to break down the walls of entering the world of cycling through providing kids and adults with the skills and know-how they need. Through this education, they’re able to integrate cycling into their daily life as a healthy, sustainable, practical, and fun means of transportation and recreation. Bike New York believes that cycling is far more than hobby—it’s a vehicle for social justice, and it’s a tool for change, both personal and societal.

Bike New York is all about helping people experience the great city of New York City in a new and amazing way through cycling, so .NYC was a natural choice. The guys at Bike New York shared with us how positive their experience has been interacting with the .NYC team, and how supportive .NYC has been, especially via bus shelter ads. They also told us that they’ve seen a noticeable increase in their online traffic thanks to using .NYC.

We love everything that Bike New York stands for, and they make us want to dust off our cycle, hop on, and take a long ride through our amazing city that we’re lucky to call home.