It was just two years ago when New York City launched its eponymous top-level domain extension -- .nyc.  Today, .nyc has the highest number of registrations of all city-specific domains (including .london, .paris, .vegas, etc). We’re proud to say that .nyc remains one of the fastest growing city domains, too.  And we’re just getting started!

In celebration of our second birthday, over 4,000 .nyc “premium domain names” are being made available to New Yorkers. These web addresses were categorized as “premium” for a variety of reasons, including their broad appeal, category-defining keywords, and brevity. Like all .nyc domain names, premium domain names are exclusively available to the City’s residents, organizations, and businesses.

Jeff Merritt, the Director of Innovation of the City of New York, said it best:

“Whether you’re a small business, or an established brand, there’s no better place to launch and build your venture online, than .nyc. With the release of these new premium domains, New Yorkers across the five boroughs will all have the opportunity to own and develop a piece of the City’s most valuable digital real estate.”

While the lion’s share of these  .nyc premium domain names will be made available directly through established domain name retailers, at published prices, a small subset will be available via domain name auctions and select aftermarket providers.


Premium Domain Names through Domain Retailers

Starting on Monday, October 10 at 3:00pm EDT, .nyc premium domain names will be offered to the public at a premium price through participating domain retailers.

Registering a .nyc premium domain name works exactly like registering a standard, or non-premium domain name.  The only difference is that these highly coveted, highly valued, domain names are priced at a premium.  As with all domain names, prices vary according to each retailer’s individual pricing policies and practices.

Securing a premium .nyc web address couldn’t be easier.  Just search for it on, select your domain retailer of choice, and complete the purchase.


Premium Domain Names through Auctions & Aftermarket Providers

Of all the .nyc premium domain names, a select few will be offered through a series of domain name auctions.  Premium domain name auctions feature some of the most valuable domain names, organized by industry or business themes (such as fashion, dining, living, etc). 

All details related to the scheduled premium domain auctions, including the list of available domain names and how/where you can get involved, will be made available at

The very first .nyc premium domain name auction for twenty premium web addresses is scheduled to take place on October 24-27, and is associated with the theme of “Living in NYC.”  The following domain names are included in the auction:


In the end, it’s all about getting every .nyc domain possible into the hands of people who will bring these web addresses to life.  So to complement the auctions and enable greater flexibility for interested buyers, domains held for non-active auctions are also available through a select list of “Aftermarket” domain providers.  In these cases, the domain names are listed with an established, transparent price and are available through some of the most respected retailers, including Sedo and Afternic. This way, interested buyers have the option of purchasing the domain names at the listed price now or waiting for the future auction.


Premium Domain Name List

So exactly which names are designated as “Premium Domains”? Check them out here.

Imagine the possibilities – not to mention the pride – of claiming your stake to one of the most valuable pieces of New York City’s digital real estate.  The demand for .nyc premium domain names is very high, and we can’t wait to see what you do with these amazing domain names.

Do you have any questions or would like to read more? Please visit our Premium Domain section or our Premium FAQs.  Also, you may provide your individual feedback on our dedicated premium domain blog post.  We welcome your input.