We’ve got some important and exciting news to share! As you may have seen during the past month, .nyc has been promoting some great domains with a special focus on the travel and tourism industry. Some of these names will be moving to auction starting May 3rd on Sedo.com

We’ve already sold several premium .nyc travel domains including itinerary.nyc, cruise.nyc, ticket.nyc and tourist.nyc. We can now add  Broadwaytickets.nyc to the list! 

Premium .nyc domains are in high demand.  We’ve seen a record number of inquiries for premium domains this month fueled by our robust .nyc marketing and advertising campaigns. It’s no surprise why. After all, New York City is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Combine that with the fact that today’s consumers are increasingly researching and booking travel online — and it’s no wonder that .nyc travel-related premium domain names are one hot ticket!

So don’t delay, make sure to stake your claim on your .nyc travel domain today! Learn more at auctions.nyc.


Domains coming soon to auction May 3:

Can’t wait for the .nyc travel domain auction to nab your favorite name? Contact us and we’ll connect you to Sedo, our .nyc auction provider for this special .nyc Premium Travel domain event. They’ll help you with Buy Now pricing and any other questions you may have.  Remember, once the auction begins, this option will no longer  be available.


Great travel names available today via .nyc premium retailers:

We also have hundreds of premium travel domains that are available to buy today (Buy Now) at any of our premium retailers. These premium value domains have been priced to sell with most ranging from $600-$6,000. You can see our specially curated list of some of these high-quality travel domains at our .nyc auctions page.


We’ll leave you with two important reminders: 

  1. .nyc domain names are exclusively for New Yorkers. You must have a physical address in one of the five boroughs to buy a .nyc domain name.  
  2. Plan ahead!  If you think you may bid over $10,000 for a domain in auction, you will need to certify with Sedo, the auction provider. This process can take 24 hours so make sure to do this in advance. Create or log in to your account at Sedo.com and go to the “My Account” section to certify. We also have detailed instructions on our How It Works page, at auctions.nyc.