New York Business Journal
J. Jennings Moss, 5/15/2015

When the .NYC domain launched, it wasn’t clear how many entities would seek to use it, but the situation became a land-rush as registrations sped toward 77,000. And now, according to the New York Daily News, about 400 neighborhood names will be made available.

Lest you think would make a great URL for your business, you’re out of luck. The Daily News explained that those names will only be open to entities that will use it for the “public benefit” — non-profits, Business Improvement Districts, and other community groups.

So far, the .nyc top-level domain has easily outrun all other city-based domains in the world: the Daily News said the .London domain is next with about 60,000 registrations, and the .Vegas domain name, tied to Las Vegas, is next in the United States with more than 14,000 registrations.

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