The new year usually inspires people to reassess their health, fitness and world travel goals, but it’s also a great time to reflect on your business. Look back on the previous year and ask yourself, “what should I be doing and what should I be doing better?” Or, even tougher questions like, “what’s keeping me from becoming a better manager?” 

This exercise might not be as fun as writing down all the new places you want to travel in the new year, but taking on new goals for business success might be your most important resolution yet. Test your determination with these new year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs: 

Time to delegate. Don’t just pick some tedious tasks to offload. Instead look at the big picture and see where you can streamline and build a smoother operation. Identify your team’s talents and select facets of your business for which they can be responsible. You can also look to new virtual assistant startups that help you with administrative tasks. Delegating is an art. Make it work for you.

Commit to developing your staff. In order to delegate, you must learn to train and trust your employees. Set goals for them or give them ownership in a specific project. This leads to better accountability and can give them a sense of pride in their job. Most importantly, it can result in more loyalty and better employee retention rates. High turnover is perhaps one of the biggest things that can hold your business back, as firing, hiring and training new staff can take up hours of your time. 

Say yes to social media. Identify the best social media platforms for your business. If you already have the right accounts set up, be sure to promote your business regularly. Develop a voice and aesthetic for social media and use it as a hub for connecting with your customers and finding your target audience. Every social media account should link to your business website to give new followers the chance to learn more about you and your business.

Learn something new. You may have settled into a routine, but there’s always room for improvement and elevation. The new year is a great time to learn an entirely new skill. It can be a new software management program, or taking a new management course. Of course, you should have fun and be creative with resolutions. Is there an online workshop for interior decorating that can elevate your brick-and-mortar location? Do you know a professional photographer who can help you develop an artistic eye? A simple lesson today can help improve your website or social media pages for the long-term. 

Join a business group or networking circle. Business owners are often so busy, with their heads down in the day-to-day of the company. But isolating yourself from your local business community will only lead to stagnation. Connect with other entrepreneurs in your community so you have someone to turn to when you run into specific obstacles. It can even spell new opportunities and lead to partnerships or joint pop-up events.  

Lock in an accountability partner. Widening your professional network will only lead to better opportunities for your business. But when it comes to achieving personal and business goals, you should enlist a trusted peer as an accountability partner. This can be another individual entrepreneur in your neighborhood, or a trusted friend or ally from another professional field. Each week or month, you can meet or call your accountability partner to discuss your goals and progress, and whether or not you’re on track to achieving them. 

Routinely assess and realign your goals. Checking on these resolutions should not be an annual affair. The best way to stay on top of your 2022 goals is to work business planning into your routine. Carve out time each week to track your progress. After all, it’s the little, daily habits that can lead to big changes. Be sure to be honest about where you’re lagging behind, and don’t be afraid to celebrate where you’re thriving along the way.