For Isabella Serrani, co-founder of T.W.I.N. (That’s What I Need), her brand isn’t about adding another label into closets. It’s about creating the world the founders wished existed. It’s the future of fashion, and it’s all on a .nyc domain name.

The T.W.I.N. difference

T.W.I.N., a womxn-owned and operated company, started as Masks & Totes. The sustainably sourced, reusable mask company was created by Serrani to support her nonprofit, Masks for the Masses. She founded the organisation at the advent of COVID-19 to help distribute free masks in the tri-state area. But in April 2021, she and her cofounder decided to transform the business into T.W.I.N., a label offering beautiful clothing that feel and fit good at a fair price point.

The label focuses on creating high-quality products that are sustainably made and delivered. It’s the opposite of fast fashion and means that buyers can buy ethically­—“so you don’t have to choose between your conscience and your closet,” Serrani said.

T.W.I.N. is also focused on what Serrani calls radical inclusivity across race, gender, and ability, both in the label’s model representations and T.W.I.N.’s creative process.

“We make gender-inclusive clothing and integrate principles of universal design, so that people of diverse abilities can enjoy ease of dress through our fashionable pieces,” she said. The label even collaborated with members of the visually impaired community to create the Braille Layered T-Shirt, which features the T.W.I.N. logo in 3D printed Braille code. Their new collection will also expand on the sizes offered so that more bodies can enjoy T.W.I.N.

Staying environmentally friendly

Serrani understands that people want to feel good about the purchases they make, and that includes what’s in their closets. The brand’s first goal was to make their products as sustainable as possible. T.W.I.N. uses only deadstock materials so that additional waste isn’t created by making new fabrics.

They also stick to eco fabrics and natural fibers and reduce their carbon footprint by shipping only in fully sustainable materials. Buyers can opt for either a fully recyclable and compostable mailer or a fully reusable RePack mailer, which can be returned by mail so it can be reused.

What’s next for T.W.I.N.?

As a new kid on the NYC fashion block, T.W.I.N. has enjoyed an exciting trajectory. As the business continues growing, the short-term goal is to continue listening to what people want, making products that are ethical and also aesthetically appealing, and pricing fairly.

“We don’t want people to have to choose between their conscience, their closet and their wallet,” Serrani said. And of course, the city will continue influencing the brand. “We chose .nyc because we wanted it to be clear that our foundations and roots are tied to New York City. It’s a huge reason why our brand exists today.”

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