AM New York
Ivan Pereira, 11/10/2014

"The city's new web domain is a big hit, and tech experts say it will add to the New York's rep as a worldwide tech metropolis. Roughly 52,586 .nyc sites were registered as of Friday evening, according to the city's Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT). The registrations, which were open to New Yorkers starting last month, surpasses .London which has 48,309 registrations.

Minerva Tantoco, the city's chief technology officer, told amNewYork she isn't surprised that so many businesses and individuals are signing up because New Yorkers have never been ones to be shy about their hometown pride."

"I think a big part of the success is that it is exciting. We are giving New Yorkers a chance to own a part of the Internet,"" she said."

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