Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced that just six months after its historic public launch, the. nyc top-level domain has become the fastest-growing city domain in the world – racking up over 75,000 registrations to date. New York is the only city with top-level Internet domain exclusively reserved for its residents and businesses.

“With the public launch of .nyc, we broke ground on a new type of real estate in New York City – a unique digital space created for New Yorkers and by New Yorkers,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “In only six short months, .nyc has become a thriving online community where small businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs across the five boroughs are prospering.”

“These statistics highlight the broad, diverse user base for .nyc, which will continue to expand as more New Yorkers learn of these opportunities,” said Minerva Tantoco, Chief Technology Officer for the City of New York. “Now you can add the City’s web domain to the long list of things New York City is known for – in addition to bagels, bodegas and Broadway.”

“The new .nyc domain presents a unique opportunity for New Yorkers, our small businesses, and organizations throughout the five boroughs to brand their identity, showcase their affiliation with the City—and to ‘own’ who they are online,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “As we continue to expand Internet access and put New York City on the digital map, this is a chance for more New Yorkers to claim their piece of the City’s high-demand digital real estate.

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