With millions of people and businesses, it’s no easy feat getting your brand to be noticed in New York City. If you’re starting a new venture, names are often limited by what website addresses are still available. And if you’re an existing business, unless your brand name is super unique—which is getting more difficult every day!—and you’re investing in SEO, your business name might not rank very highly in search results. 

So what’s a small business owner to do without shelling out big bucks? Go for a premium domain name. 

What are premium names?
Your website is your piece of online real estate. And premium names are the McMansions of the digital world. 

A premium domain name is an in-demand website address. Premium names are usually highly valued for a few reasons: they’re easy to remember, they capture an entire category, or they’ve become newly relevant (think of the election cycle or when a new product comes onto the market). 

What are the benefits of premium domain names for my New York City business? 
Premium domain names are popular because they’re catchy and hard to forget. For example, hotels.com has built an entire business around their premium domain name. Instead of having to remember a brand name and a website, they’ve made it simple for people to find them. 

You don’t need to turn your premium domain name into your business name, though. For example, if you head to toys.com, you’ll be redirected to the Toys R Us website, toysrus.com. They’ve used a premium domain to make it easy for people to find them, especially because names with unusual spellings can be difficult for people to remember. Once you own your premium name, you can use it for marketing and redirect to your existing site. 

Premium domain names are popular because they work. Unfortunately, that also means many of them are unavailable, especially when you’re looking at .com web addresses. 

The good news? If you’re a .nyc resident or business, you can register for a .nyc web address and lock in a .nyc premium name. Because .nyc addresses are exclusive only to people and businesses operating in NYC, your New York premium name is likelier to be available. Not only will you have a memorable web address, but the location is built right in. How good is that? 
How do I get a premium domain name? 
If you’re interested in getting your own premium name, the first step is to search for it on domains.registry.godaddy/. This will show you if your preferred name is available.

Premium domain names are more expensive, but the return on investment can be significant, particularly when you’re operating in an industry with lots of competition. And with .nyc, you can reap the benefits of adding your location right in your address, too. It’s a no-brainer.