Audio engineer, producer and promoter, Brewer Shettles mixes music, film and interactive media to brand indie artists from his New York-based studio Liquid Fusion ( As Shettles is a certified believer in the power of sound, Liquid Fusion’s mantra is “Good Energy Coming Together,” with the goal of gathering bright, young musical talent to spread the healing nature of music around the world. He prefers to work with independent artists to provide guidance and mentorship in an industry known for railroading newbies if they don’t have the help of someone who knows what they’re doing.

When Shettles started in the music industry he quickly discovered that artists have to fight tooth and nail for what’s theirs. He recalls how an early experience resulted in the loss of profits and royalties due to inexperience and poor negotiation skills. After this formative learning experience, Shettles resolved to help those breaking into the music scene, by offering guidance, encouragement, and helping navigate the legal waters of music licensing and contracts.

“Getting your brand out there in the digital age is more than just getting on social media,”

says Shettles, “not everything goes viral. Indie artists need to coordinate a strategy for

breaking into the scene and can’t solely rely on likes and shares to get noticed by major


Two major categories needed to succeed in the music industry include a clearly defined look and sound. Unlike the fickle nature of social media, Liquid Fusion offers artists a safe haven to develop their persona, with guidance and direction from an industry expert. This is what fuels long-term success in the music business.

Also key to achieve success in the industry is maintaining a positive outlook and being relentless in the pursuit of one’s dream.

“Be positive, think positive, put out good energy and always keep an open mind,” Shettles says.

In a field where every day is “try, try again,” Shettles’ constant support helps him stand out in a very critical business. He is able to push his artists to be the best they can be, while also having the freedom and ability to return his artists’ enthusiasm with that of his own. Musicians don’t make it to the top without optimism, confidence and support.

While Shettles is currently building his label from the ground up, he already has a colorful collection of talent. From New York funk rockers The Kitchen Band to the southern, country blues of Deborah Meadows.

Shettles says he owes a lot of thanks for connecting his studio with the Big Apple’s indie scene to Liquid Fusion’s .nyc domain.

“Dot-NYC is for the future,” proclaims Shettles. “It’s reinventing the wheel.” is able to reach independent artists and share their music with the world. Good energy comes together to create amazing things in the age of the digital frontier.