How the .nyc Domain Remains “Exclusive” to New Yorkers: Part 3

In this concluding piece of our three-part series detailing the .nyc Nexus Policy and various enforcement methods, we see how well the plan is working.

We are proud to report that the safeguards put in place to maintain the City’s mission to keep the domain space exclusive to NYCer’s are working.

Less than 1% of all domains investigated through random or publicly reported spot checks were ruled non-compliant and thereby deleted.

The historic launch of the .nyc domain helped affirm New York City’s position as a global digital leader – while giving New Yorkers the benefit of a highly branded, hyper-local domain space that they can be proud to call their own.

Neustar is proud to support the launch and management of the .nyc domain, bringing game-changing local branding and marketing opportunities to businesses and individuals in all five boroughs. Every day, we see more and more sites launch with a .nyc web address. We’re delighted and proud to be part of such a vibrant, thriving – and of course, exclusive, online community.