New York Post
Josh Kosman, 4/3/2015

New York City is on the fast track to becoming the dot-com capital of the world. The rush to grab the city’s digital real estate — or addresses ending in .nyc — has made the Big Apple’s six-month-old domain the fastest-growing among a host of cities granted approval for their own top-level domains.

“We are growing at a faster clip than any other geo-locale,” said Lori Anne Wardi, vice president of registry at Neustar, which operates the .nyc exchange for the city.

“New York City is the center of the business, financial, media and fashion worlds, so I am not too surprised,” she added. People had registered 73,721 .nyc addresses as of Thursday, or an average of 12,287 a month since the domain debuted in mid-October, according to Softnik Technologies’ Domain Punch.

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