We have an update to our Fashion Auction results. Four domain names in the Fashion Auction did not close and have been re-listed on the open market for sale. Our auction provider worked diligently to finalize the sale of these names however was unable to do so for various reasons beyond their control. The good news is that these names are still publicly available and can be found on the major premium domain name marketplaces. 

Now available: fashion.nyc, models.nyc, sneakers.nyc and boots.nyc

The .nyc registry just wrapped up the second premium domain name auction — and first auction of 2017 — with a bang. Twenty-four of .nyc’s most fashionable web addresses were on the auction block in an event that spanned the entire month of February — coinciding with New York’s iconic Fashion Week celebration.  

Fashion.nyc, the flagship domain name in the auction, reached a record high, with a winning bid of $37,000!  Bidding for the domain name was so intense that the clock had to be extended for 2 hours past the defined end time to accommodate the continuously escalating bids!  Shop.nyc closely followed with a winning bid of $33,500.  All in all, 23 of the 24 domain names sold for a grand total of $90,938. 

Low reserve pricing of only $500 helped to make these premium domain names accessible to a wide audience of New Yorkers. In fact, many great names sold between $500-$750, such as couture.nyc, clothes.nyc and makeup.nyc. These were amazing deals for such high quality digital assets, especially considering that New York City is dubbed the fashion capital of the world.

To ensure that all the right people knew about the .nyc fashion domain auction, Neustar, the registry services provider that manages the operations and marketing of the .nyc domain, put in place an integrated marketing plan targeting the NYC fashion industry. In addition to out of home advertising on bus shelters and newsstands, the plan included an intense email marketing program, content marketing efforts, paid media, and social media outreach to generate awareness and engagement for the auction. The auction provider, SnapNames, played an integral role, expanding the marketing reach and converting the promotions into qualified bidders. The clean, simple-to-use auction platform made it easy for end-users to participate, despite being new to domain auctions.

“We’ve had a long history with Neustar, starting with the record-setting Landrush auction of .nyc domains in 2014,” said Michael White, VP of Operations for SnapNames. “We knew during the first conversation about the premium fashion week auction that this one would be special. We’re thrilled that Neustar chose SnapNames to be the auction partner for these domains.”

“We know that savvy domain investors are already well-aware of the value of the .nyc domain extension,” said Lori Anne Wardi, VP of Registry Services at Neustar. “They also understand the dynamics of premium domain auctions. On the other hand, end-users are generally unfamiliar with domain auctions and confused about the process of bidding.  For this reason, we put in place a robust plan to find, reach and educate prospective end-user buyers, inspiring the broadest possible participation in the auction.”

A full list of the names sold in the .nyc Fashion auction can be found here:  

Domain Sales Price
Fashion.nyc $ 37,000.00
Shop.nyc $ 33,500.00
Deals.nyc $ 4,100.00
Models.nyc $ 2,563.00
Photographer.nyc $ 2,200.00
Jewelry.nyc $ 1,700.00
Designer.nyc $ 1,300.00
Boots.nyc $ 750.00
Boutique.nyc $ 700.00
Couture.nyc $ 550.00
Makeup.nyc $ 550.00
Stylist.nyc $ 525.00
Apparel.nyc $ 500.00
Bras.nyc $ 500.00
Clothes.nyc $ 500.00
Lingerie.nyc $ 500.00
Rings.nyc $ 500.00
Runway.nyc $ 500.00
Salon.nyc $ 500.00
Shirts.nyc $ 500.00
Shoes.nyc $ 500.00
Sneakers.nyc $ 500.00
Suits.nyc $ 500.00
  $ 90,938.00


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