Manhattan’s iconic 5th Avenue–with Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Grand Army Plaza–is a mecca for shopping and dining, which is why FifthAvenue.NYC offers a comprehensive restaurant guide for tourists and visitors who need to satiate their appetites in between retail shops, be it fine dining, high tea or a quick coffee and snack.


What’s more New York than Jazz brunch while overlooking Central Park? At Bluebird London at Columbus Circle, you can enjoy a touch of European brasserie dining at their bar and lounge while taking in the classic view. For a touch of French, check out Boucherie, which has locations in the West Village, Union Square and Midtown.


Further downtown, it’s worth stopping by The Seaport. In the 1700s, it served as a port for the Dutch West India Company, the Seaport boosted New York City’s economy to become one of the most robust in the world. Today it is a bustling destination for tourists and locals alike, thanks to its eateries, many of which boast waterfront patio seating. The Seaport’s distinct nautical history is woven into the refurbished design as well as the meals at restaurants like The Fulton, which serves east coast oysters and other seafood specialties. Also downtown you’ll find the best Asian eateries in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood, which is equally rich in cultural events, art and history.


If you are craving Southeast Asian cuisine, Dhamaka is nearby on Delancey Street. Chef Chintan Pandya and restaurateur Roni Mazumdar opened the restaurant to serve what they call “Unapologetic Indian” dishes to locals and more.


New York City’s greatest asset is its diversity, which is on full display in the Lower East Side of the island. Owned by Chef Tears, 5c Cafe is a local hideaway featuring soul food, with Mexican, Italian and Vegan twists. Only in New York!

But of course, the best eateries are located across the five boroughs, and each are powered by the people behind the businesses: Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. If you’re a pizza and pasta lover, it’s worth taking the ferry to Staten Island, where restaurants like Gio’s serve the best in authentic Italian-American cuisine.


It’s worth taking a foodie trip to the most diverse borough of all, Queens, New York. Deep in Queens, The Door Restaurant, started by two local CPAs, opened the restaurant to serve authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Cafe Moca, a family-owned and operated business, has two cafes, the first one opened in Ridgewood, Queens and the second in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. The location is named after the owner’s home city of Moca in the Dominican Republic. The menu offers vegan and vegetarian options with Dominican influences, including its coffee. The cafe is known to partner with local vendors to bring fresh ingredients. They support neighborhood small businesses so that they can all flourish and grow together, truly embodying the spirit of New York.



As summer kicks off, be sure to check out other restaurants that embody the .NYC spirit, and support local business owners in your neighborhood and beyond.

Here are other New York City restaurants worth visiting, whether you’re visiting the city for business or pleasure, or have lived here for years.