When you’re in an industry crowded with other businesses offering similar services, differentiating yourself from the competition is often the most difficult part of attracting new customers.

And in a digital-first world, with so many alternatives at someone’s fingertips, having your business stand out becomes even more important. It’s one of the reasons that New York City-based business owners choose premium domain names. Just ask veneers.nyc.

Dr. Michael Kosdon is the dentist behind veneers.nyc. He’s a highly sought after cosmetic dentist whose goal is to help his patients have beautiful, healthy, natural-looking smiles. It’s not just about looking good, he explained. He understands how a great smile can boost someone’s confidence and have a huge impact on all aspects of their life.

When a potential client is researching a dentist they can trust with their cosmetic dentistry, it’s likely that the first thing they’ll do is hop onto Google and start searching. This is the genius behind veneers.nyc. It means when someone looks for the two keywords—veneers and New York City—veneers.nyc is one of the top options that will come up.

Premium domain names, or website addresses that describe an entire category, can really help boost search rankings and results. That’s because the keyword that someone is searching is embedded right in the web address. And in New York City, combining a premium domain name with a .nyc extension gives a URL extra power by making it clear where a business is located.

Owning the market with a premium domain name also makes an otherwise-tricky web address easy to remember. If Dr. Kosdon were to rely on his name for advertising, he’d have to rely on someone remember both his full name and the correct spelling. And too often, businesses in the same category have similar-sounding brand names, so that doesn’t necessarily help.

Using veneers.nyc, on the other hand, it a lot easier for a person to remember. Potential clients no longer need to remember a full name, just what Dr. Kosdon specializes in and what they are looking for.

Premium names are a smart choice if you have an established business name or brand but are finding that people struggle to remember the URL. You can purchase a premium domain name that describes your business and then redirect it to your existing website, allowing you to keep your unique brand while making it easier to attract new clients.

New York City business also get a leg up on most other cities when it comes to registering website addresses—we have our own top-level domain extension! Instead of using .com, where many domain names, including premium ones, are taken, people or companies in New York can register a .nyc website. It’s the best way to make it clear to your clientele exactly where you’re based and shows that you’re proud of being in the city.

That’s one of the reasons that Dr. Kesdon chose a .nyc for his website. “We wanted it to be clear that our foundation and roots are tied to New York City. The city is a huge reason why our brand exists today.”

If you’re ready to own your industry online, search for your premium domain name now.