United Domains
Ana Varela, 8/27/2015

New York City never fails to stay creative and unique while continuously pushing the boundaries. The all-new .NYC domain is a testament to the legendary innovative creativity the city represents, and the unlimited opportunities it delivers – online and offline.

Following the lead of online pioneers like Rhytmn In Motion and Sweeps comes 100gates.NYC, a Lower East Side project started by New York City-based artist and professional athlete Billy Rohan. The intriguing project connects local artists with local businesses to create unique, colorful gates that brighten up neighborhoods and attract crowds.

Natalie Raben, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Lower East Side Business Improvement District, feels 100 Gates has had a positive impact has on the neighborhood.

“The Lower East Side has always been a hub for art and creativity, Raben told us. "This is just another way that people can enjoy art in the neighborhood for free.

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