Companies live and die by their branding, especially in the age where more and more business is done online. Having good online branding allows businesses to put themselves ahead of their competition.

A web address and searchability can separate a successful company from a failed one. Short, memorable, relevant .nyc web addresses give New York companies opportunities and a leg up over non-NYC based competition.

For localized businesses, a .nyc domain provides even unqiue branding power over a .com, .org, or .net domain. In fact, in the recent article “SEO Marketing Your Business On .nyc”, we go in-depth about how New York City businesses are striking gold with various .nyc marketing uses.

Let's examine branding from a different angle. A local messenger service would want a brandable domain explictly stating what their services are, such as Unfortunately for them, that domain is owned by Facebook, whose market valuation hovers around the $500 billion mark while it’s publicly traded., on the other hand, is available for any business, small or large, for around $1,400, and even has “nyc” attached to it, giving it more value in New York. It could be used for a messenger service, mail carrier, courier, chat app, food delivery or other newly minted businesses lucky enough to scoop it up.

The .nyc domain extension allows any NYC-based business to achieve the same level of domain name brandability as massive companies for what is often, a fraction of the price. This is why the .nyc domain remains exclusive to New Yorkers, to preserve this investment opportunity for NYC-based businesses only, and give local business and shop owners a competitive edge. A great web address, allows you to establish credibility, trust and memorability with your customers.

As the .nyc market continues to grow, these domains will be snapped up by the businesses that recognize the value that a very succinct and brandable domain brings. Having the most memorable and brandable name available positions your business as an industry leader. Now is the time to make the investment that launches your business to the top.

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