Mondo is New York's annual music, arts & technology business conference and showcase festival—and it’s all happening on a .nyc website.

8th anniversary

Now in its eighth year, Mondo is a business conference and showcase music festival that connects fans and creators in a shared mission of empowering artists and advancing ideas in an ever-changing music business and technology landscape.

At Mondo, leaders from the fields of music, technology, arts, activism, academia, human rights, law, finance, and more gather to pursue actionable best practices, technological innovations, career pathways, and equal opportunities for all communities.

This year’s theme, “Using the collective power of our voices,” feels particularly critical for organisers during a time of economic and social volatility. By empowering artists and advancing ideas in a constantly evolving music business and tech landscape, Mondo helps to shape what happens next in the industry.

Time for reconnection

Mondo’s organisers are especially excited about this year, with one-on-one interactions with industry movers and shakers back in action, offering an opportunity to reconnect and be inspired post-COVID.

This year’s event goes from October 10-13 at Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Hotel, with live showcase performances happening at independent club venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn. A select number of showcases will also be streamed virtually on YouTube. Artists are heading to New York from around the world to be part of Mondo, including France, Spain, Philippines, and Canada.

For Mondo’s organisers, choosing to host the conference website on .nyc just made sense. “Our product is all about NYC as the world capital of music and startup hub for new technology.” What better way to demonstrate that than with a URL that has NYC right in the address?

Any business or organization that operates in New York City is eligible for a .nyc domain name. It’s a great way to take advantage of the city’s reputation for being a trendsetter and for letting customers know exactly where you’re located.

An event like Mondo wouldn’t be quite the same in any other city—and neither would its web address. When you’re looking to make an impact for your event, a .nyc website is the way to go. And if you’re in the music industry, don’t miss out on your tickets to this year’s Mondo. It’s going to be bigger and better than ever before!