NYC Veterans Alliance

What inspired you to create this website or entity?

When I came home to NYC from my third tour with the Army in Afghanistan, I found myself struggling to find ways to meet other veterans, learn about organizations that could help me, and otherwise find out ways to feel like I was back home again with people who understood me, and where I could find a sense of purpose and make a difference. But in 2013, even though there were many organizations and programs for veterans in NYC, it was up to me to search each one of them out. Fast forward less than two years later - I founded the NYC Veterans Alliance, the organization I wish had been there for me. One of our first and most widely recognized program is our Community Calendar at OurVeterans.NYC, which, since we started, has listed more than 1,500 events for veterans and their families across the NYC Metro area, hosted by an array of organizations who offer services, solutions, community, and ways to get involved. This website also has a ?Get Help? page that directs veterans and families to organizations that can provide the help they need.

How does your website or entity represent or contribute to the local community or borough which you represent?

We created OurVeterans.NYC as a free service to NYC's military veterans and their families. Our staff carefully curates the flurry of submissions we receive each day from organizations across the NYC Metro area in order to format each post to ensure that OurVeterans.NYC keeps growing as a robust community information hub. We also send highlights from OurVeterans.NYC to our growing email and social media audiences on a continuous basis. Although we've just celebrated our second birthday, the NYC Veterans Alliance is recognized as the go-to source for what?s happening for veterans and families in NYC. We're based in Chelsea in a community office space on 22nd Street where we host our own events and member meetings. We run OurVeterans.NYC from Manhattan, and we're proud to keep doing the painstaking work to produce the nation?s only ongoing, regional calendar and information hub for veterans and families. NYC is the greatest city in the world?and we?re doing all we can to make sure that OurVeterans.NYC is the best community resource for veterans in the country.

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