What inspired you to create this website or entity?

When I founded Lumina, I wanted to help serve the NYC community with solutions to their technological problems - from simple website development work to complex custom software and apps. I love New York - came here 15 years ago thinking I will just stay for a few months but decided to stay because of all the city has to offer, but also because I knew that despite the ability to work remotely on tech projects, there is absolutely no replacement to a local presence. These projects require a lot of attention from various teams and collaboration not only on specific documents, but also on the vision and projection for the company. In order to truly feel where a project is supposed to get you, you have to feel the people, and the environment they work in.

How does your website or entity represent or contribute to the local community or borough which you represent?

Lumina has an office in the center of Manhattan, and being so close to our clients, who are normally within Manhattan or in the Boroughs, allows us to quickly arrange and engage in personal meetings in our office or our clients' offices. This expedites the projects we're working on, which in turn makes the complete experience seamless. That is what people want these days: No delays, no setbacks, and a fun, personal, and productive work environment.

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