Greater Flushing Chamber of Commerce

What inspired you to create this website or entity?

For far too long, our community has been misrepresented, stereotyped, and marginalized. Our new Flushing Fantastic district marketing campaign invites visitors to explore and truly understand the most dynamic and diverse community in the United States. We will showcase the stories of those who struggled and overcame the odds and chronicle a neighborhood that has become the real New York -- a place where people from around the world make their home, share their unique culture, and enjoy the best America has to offer. From history going back to the 1600s to world-class cuisine, we have something for everyone. The newly-launched Flushing Fantastic portal offers visitors an easy way to plan trips to Flushing by providing transportation options, event calendar, maps, and recommendations for tours and itineraries and fun things to do as well as links to the best accommodations, restaurants, and bargain shopping.

How does your website or entity represent or contribute to the local community or borough which you represent?

The Flushing Fantastic district marketing campaign not only aims to showcase Flushing's diverse community, landmarks, and cultural amenities to attract visitors from New York and beyond, but also better connect our small businesses to the resources they need to prosper and grow. The Flushing Fantastic campaign represents a significant investment in our community, the fourth largest commercial district in New York. Such support is critical to the future of our City -- two-thirds of all small business owners are immigrant entrepreneurs -- and Flushing was one of the few neighborhoods to create jobs, economic activity and tax revenue in the last recession. Flushing represents the future of New York and is the new face of American entrepreneurship.

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