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In the age of social and mobile media, short, meaningful domain names are more valuable than ever. There’s great demand for highly searchable and brandable marketing terms and call-to-action phrases that attract and drive web traffic.

Whether you’re a small business, or an established brand, there’s no better place to launch and build your venture online, than .nyc. Imagine the possibilities – not to mention the pride – of claiming your stake to one of the most valuable pieces of New York City’s digital real estate. Want more reasons to choose a Premium .NYC Domain Name? Learn More.

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What is .nyc?

.nyc is The Official Web Address for New Yorkers. Anyone with a business, brand or residence within the five boroughs can register a .nyc domain name.

What does it mean to own a .nyc?

Own It. Our tagline is more than a call-to-action; it’s a state of mind. It’s the internal voice inside us: living, working, and creating, continually pushing to be the best.

Never settle.

New York City is the place where success takes many shapes and where there are countless ways to dream big. The .nyc extension provides infinite possibilities and a powerful way to use your location as proof of your value and success.

Stand out from the crowd.

Beyond having a physical street address or primary place of residence in the City, .nyc owners share a desire to be unforgettable, inspirational and above all, “make it” in New York.


Who can own it?


Any New Yorker whose work, ideas and creativity are based in one of the 5 boroughs of the City.


Locals who provide services, products or content to fellow New Yorkers.


Companies, organizations and individuals wishing to showcase the value of their NYC location online.

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