Since launching TalkRadio.NYC in 2010, founder Sam Liebowitz’s startup mission has been unwavering: “to educate, uplift, inspire and empower our listeners from around the globe.” 

He shares why he started the business with a .NYC website: “Because we are proud to be a NYC-based business.” Several of the podcast shows in the TalkRadio.NYC portfolio mirror his venture’s pride in being a New York City media business. For example, the Philanthropy in Phocus’ latest episode is titled “Building the Future Economy of the Bronx.” Another show, Always FreyDay, hosted by David Frey, recently interviewed the founder of Nice Guy Food Tours, a small business that highlights the city’s best eateries. 

Despite its New York City roots, TalkRadio.NYC’s content has global appeal. It currently has about a dozen different podcasts that play in more than 110 countries. The alternative broadcasting and media company serves its worldwide community of millions who are looking for something different than what the mainstream media has to offer. 

“TalkRadio.NYC has always aimed to offset the fear and negativity that is so common in traditional programming,” says Liebowitz. 

And after recent unprecedented events, like the Covid-19 pandemic and the turbulence of the last few presidential elections, this goal to spread positivity via the airwaves resonates now more than ever. “We are an alternative to typical talk radio and we focus on content that helps you to feel better about yourself and the world around you, while educating you on the topics you are interested in,” writes the founder. 

While its shows are not on mainstream or network radio, the content is produced “by professionals for professionals” and are hosted by experts in their respective fields. For starters, Graham Dobbin is a seasoned C-Suite coach who hosts The Mind Behind Leadership. Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery (TLC) is the creator of Pastology, the cutting edge field that focuses on the synergy between pastoring and psychology. The Ph.D. is host of Dismantling Racism. Of course, Liebowitz himself is host of his own show, The Conscious Consultant Hour. 

Using the .NYC website as its hub is central to its mission to serve its audience of free thinkers, who might happen to be world travelers. “We use the Internet as our delivery vehicle so we are not limited to a geographic region, country or continent,” says Liebowitz. “We deliver the content you are looking for how you want it, when you want while helping our hosts get their message out to the world.”

To double down on TalkTadio.NYC’s mission to offset negativity, the company is a strong supporter of Girls Incorporated of Long Island, whose goal is to inspire young girls through school and community based programming and partnerships. Writes Liebowitz, “Through participation in our programs, girls learn the skills to become leaders in their communities, leading to exponential change.” 

And when it comes to inspiring other local entrepreneurs, no matter their age or gender, Liebowitz shares three simple words of advice: “Keep with it.”