.nyc Proxy Registration Policy

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The .nyc TLD has compelling interest in ensuring that its top-level domain is administered in a secure manner and that the information contained within .nyc is reliable, accurate, and up-to date. One of the mechanisms to ensure the integrity of .nyc is the maintenance of a complete and accurate WHOIS database.

A complete and accurate WHOIS database promotes New York City’s interest in preventing identity theft, fraud and other on-line crime, in promoting the public’s ability to police its rights against unlawful copyright and trademark infringement, and avoiding technical mishaps. This includes ensuring a smooth transition of domain name holders in the event that registrar goes bankrupt or otherwise becomes incapable of performing its obligations under the .nyc Registry-Registrar Agreement.

Therefore, .nyc does not allow use of proxy, private or anonymous domain name registrations. The Registry Operator employs an algorithm to detect the inadvertent or intentional registration of proxy, anonymous and/or private domain name registrations, and enforces a Registrar’s obligation to not offer such services to .nyc domain name registrants.