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Unless you’re a NYC fashion insider, you’ve never experienced shopping in the City like this before. Travelers and even NY locals, flock to NYC in search of the most fashionable apparel, one-of-a-kind items, and hand-crafted pieces. Upon arriving in New York, you’re greeted with multi-story fast fashion buildings from some of the biggest chains, Zara, H&M, Saks 5th Avenue. Where are the boutiques? Designer studios? Couture vintage apparel?

Enter Roxanne Hauldren. Rox, as she prefers to call herself, discovered her love for the City and the NY Garment District in 2013 after spending time exploring European cities Paris, London, and Vienna among others. From designer sample sales to off-the-beaten-path shops, Rox serves as your private shopping tour guide to the most exclusive and elusive shops in NYC. If you want to go behind the scenes in NYC’s fashion district, Rox is the woman to take you there.

When you come to NY you think of shopping but a lot times people get intimidated by it. They go to 5th Ave. and they think everything is Gucci and Prada and that they can’t afford it. It’s hard to find unique things if you don’t know where you’re going and I want to help people have a really great experience. I want to show people the local side and support the small businesses.

 – Roxanne Hauldren, Founder & Owner

Whether you have a budget of $300 or $3000, Rox will create a custom shopping tour for you – tailored to your tastes, budget and style. As Rox says, “Fashion has no barrier - everyone loves clothes.” After spending three years door-knocking and hitting the streets of NY, Rox boasts some of the most fashionable designer connections in the City.

Rox doesn’t stop at fashion, “Whether you want to buy a diamond or a house, when you come to New York I want you to think Rox.” Her brand, reflects this message.

Your website is your brand. When you meet someone they ask what your website is. The building blocks of your business are online. When you come to NYC, I want you to think Rox, .nyc was a great opportunity to keep my brand identity associated with NYC, and top of mind.

– Roxanne Hauldren, Founder & Owner

Whether you find her online or through a referral from one of her many repeat clients, one thing is certain, if you want to get ‘made in NY’ look no further than As Rox says, “You're not going to walk into Macy's and buy these things. You're going to meet the designer, see the product being made, and get it at a discount.” That’s an offer we can’t pass up.


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