Sheridan Taverns Inc

What inspired you to create this website or entity?

In September 2014, with the opening of The Brewery Bar & Kitchen, the American Dream became an absolute reality for me. The term I had heard so often growing up in the Ireland , "America, The land of opportunity " had a real meaning to it for me..It was only right that when I needed a website and with the introduction of the .nyc domain names in the 2014, I quickly wanted my business be represented by the city that hosts Lady Liberty in her harbor and what she represents to all immigrants, past, present and future. Today, I stand proud of my website with .nyc and hope that it inspires people and instills in them that the American Dream is still very such alive and we are living in the land of opportunity.

How does your website or entity represent or contribute to the local community or borough which you represent?

Through our website, we hope to represent the community spirit of our neighborhood to the people who visit us online. Although, we live in the greatest and largest city on the planet, we hope people get a feel for a small town community neighborhood. People looking out for each other and their family.. Not much different form growing up in Ireland on a small country farm

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