Shambhala Meditation Center of New York

What inspired you to create this website or entity?

We created this website to market the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York. We are a non-profit organization offering a secular course of practice and study, which consists of weekly classes and weekend retreats suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators, and open to people of any spiritual tradition. It is a structured path of meditation and emotional intelligence education rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Shambhala tradition and created for the challenges of modern, everyday existence.

How does your website or entity represent or contribute to the local community or borough which you represent?

Shambhala NYC is dedicated to benefitting all New Yorkers. We exist to make society more kind, compassionate, and open. Our community is made up of people of all ages, races, and identities, looking to bring mindfulness and joy to their everyday lives. We have a Generosity Policy for all of our programs, helping to make meditation affordable to all. Cost should never be a factor for somebody to come work with their hearts and minds.

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