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What inspired you to create this website or entity?

The website is the cornerstone of our organization as we are a streaming radio station that also has streaming video broadcasting over our web-site 24 hours a day. You can see people in the station to better engage a listener/viewer with the DJ/host. It allows the viewer to chat and interact as well as explore the calendar and list of shows. People can get a view of the DJ using the tools of their trade, as well as make a particular community (music, social or ethnic) that may be presenting, visible and therefore less intimidating or more accessible. We stream from the web site to showcase all that we have to offer on the island to anyone in the world with access to the internet. But we also use it as a community building tool. We also stream live events to the web-site in hopes of engaging people and introducing people to more local arts programs and happenings. Our space is small but we use the conference room behind our studio for live bands to perform, or background actors & foley if doing theater. We sell no tickets, we charge no membership fees ... but you get to watch and listen for free on!

How does your website or entity represent or contribute to the local community or borough which you represent? is a station that uses arts and maker based programming to bring together the community through the love of music and the arts. We have shows in Sri Lankan traditional music next to a HipHop show, followed by talk radio about women in the arts. Latin Jazz, metal, comedy, disco etc can be heard as well as shows on urban farming and home-brewing. We are the soundtrack of Staten Island, and because we are in a unique location (between new condo development & low income residents as well as on the voting line between blue & red), we use this station as a place to use music and art based programs to bring people together. And it has been working! In 2.5 months, we have had over 20k listeners! In November we give a local non-profit a series every Tuesday to highlight what they do (SI Shakesperean is in Nov, followed by Animal Rescue groups in December, and a local theater (Sundog) in January, etc.). This station brings together music scenes, social groups and neighborhoods. And it gives a chance for new artists to be heard. We work very hard on expanding our audience to other ages, musical tastes and groups of minorities in the area. That is our challenge ahead, to do more outreach, but our shows we have now speak to a wide demographic at the moment. Our show presenters and DJs are people who are in love with the music they play, or passionate about their subject matter and feel that the world should hear it. Over 50 DJs volunteer their time to make us what we are and believe in the power of music and art to make change and bing people together.

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