NY has always had a special place in my imagination. It's the grind and the hustle. People are hungry to fight for their dreams and the dreams of other people. It's real here.

- Founder, Geneva S. Thomas

You may have heard of Geneva S. Thomas from her Bravo TV series, Blood Sweat & Heels, but she’s had her hand in quite a few other enterprises including founding and creating the widely successful news startup jawbreaker.nyc. According to Geneva, “Jawbreaker is a digital publication inspired by women and empowered by women, especially women of color, with content that is provocative, feminist and progressive. We aim to create a unique space for women of color readers online."

In order to deliver on this message, Geneva assembled a team of media veterans from Vanity Fair to People Magazine with over 20 years collective experience, to start what she calls her “passion project.” Yes, essentially working two jobs, jawbreaker.nyc begins after business hours for Geneva, or during any bit of free time she can find.

There’s not a single person in NY that I know who doesn’t have a job and is doing something else, their ‘passion project.’ It was always been a dream of mine to launch my own media company. So I decided why not now?

Jawbreaker.nyc aims to capture the spirit of NYC pop culture with progressive and feminist content often pulled from the personal experiences of writers and editors themselves. It’s very much a community according to Geneva, a positive space for women to go and find out what’s happening now and what’s coming up next.

Not new to crafting a brand image herself, Geneva intentionally sought a name for the Jawbreaker site that would capture the spirit of NY in both messaging and narrative – a .nyc domain was the ideal complement.

“Jawbreaker.nyc underscores the importance that our brand is uniquely and intrinsically related to New York. It is our very own piece of the city"

Launching the site on the heels of her Bravo show, jawbreaker.nyc received so much traffic within the first week of going live that the server went down! If you’re looking for fresh, NYC pop culture news delivered daily, make sure to visit www.jawbreaker.nyc .

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